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Historical Milestone of CLTRI

1955:  Government of India, formed, Governing Body Mr. K. Mitra, Office Secretary, Governing Body was instrumental in taking Saidapet Silver Jubilee Clinic & Children Hospital Saidapet to C.L.T. & R.I Chengalpttu

05-01-1955: Transfer Lady Wellington Leprosy Sanatorium Tirumani and Saidapet Silver Jubilee Clinic & Children Hospital,  Saidapet to C.L.T. & R.I (Governing Body).

1957:  Dr. Dharmendra Joined as Director Of CLTRI under control of Governing body of MOHFW (Total Service in CLTRI 13 years)

28-11-1958: Bisnuram Mendhi, Governor of Madras visited 884 patients were  in the sanatorium and  built big waiting room for them.

27-02-1959: Dr. Paul Brad/CMC Vellore Hospital/SQQC Santa propaganda revisited to British Empire Leprosy Relief Association, Aalpakkam (BELRA).

1963:  New Building of CLTRI has been completed started functional

1965:  Dr Ramanujam, Published Paper on Long acting Sulphone.

1974:  Dr. C.S. Gangadhar Sharma, State Leprosy Officer, TN ....more