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Download Leprosy Literature
Literatures (courtesy CLD., Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India)
General guidelines                                                                    Confirmation of leprosy
Designing and preparing                                                          Assessment of PAL
conduction of training                                                                Examination of Nerves
Trgdesign and schedule                                                           Classification & treatment
 Intro, Defreez                                                                             Lepra reaction neuritis
Epi, NLEP                                                                                  Selfcare
Patho, Nat. His Ds                                                                    Care of weak muscles and physiotherapy
Conf, Clinical exa                                                                      RCS
MDT, Treatment                                                                         IEC
Lepra Rxn                                                                                   Counseling
Ocular lep                                                                                   Planning
POD                                                                                            Monitoring
IEC & Counceling                                                                      Supervision
Pl, Mon, Super                                                                           Quality care
Introduction to leprosy                                                               Quiz leprosy
Job responsibility                                                                      Case Studies
Pathogenesis & manifestation of leprosy, suspect leprosy   

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