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Historical Milestone of CLTRI

1917:   Presidency of Madras decided to shift existing leper colony from city of Madras to Outskirt preferably to form Sanatorium. His Excellency has granted financial provision and identified place in outskirt of Chengalpattu town.

1918:   First World war ongoing hence existing welfare activity begin stopped till the war is over, hence formation of Lady Wellington sanatorium was not possible during the year 1918.

1924.  Lady Wellington Leprosy Sanatorium (LWLS) established in total area 560.01 acres (as per record we have 4 hills approximately 148 acres.  Office and residential complex was about 77.67 acres.

1946:  On 30th January Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhiji visited LWLS and written in Visitor book “My Best Wishes to Leper Friend”. Co-incidentally Gandhiji died in 30.01,1948 (Exactly 2 years later, same day observed as as “Anti-Leprosy Day” in Remembrance of Gandhiji)   

1948: Dr. Dharmendra has standardised Lepromin Test( Invented by Dr Mitsuda from Japan) by using “Dharmendra Antigen”.( Also did work on Zondek Ascheim test for Pregnancy)

27-12-1954 Government Lady Wellington Leprosy Sanatorium, Tiruamni and Silver Jubilee Children Clinic, Saidapet transfer Order G.O. (Ms.) No.3499, Health & Family Welfare Department, Madras province.

1954:  Indian Association of Leprologist(IAL), formed at Madars, Dr Dharmendra was founder member, including many faculty from CLTRI