The Surgical Division comprises the Surgical Unit, Physiotherapy Section, Artificial Limbs and Footwear Section, X-ray Section and Micro-cellular Rubber Sheets manufacturing Unit.

Attached to the Surgical Unit is a well-equipped Operation Theatre. There is a male surgical ward comprising 24 beds, where male patients undergoing elective surgical procedures like tendon transfers are admitted. Female patients undergoing elective surgical procedures and those with ulcers are admitted to the Women Hospital where 12 of the 18 beds are allotted to the Surgical Unit. Besides the above male patients with ulcers are admitted to Main Hospital comprising 25 beds and Sick Room comprising 27 beds. Investigation Ward comprising 24 beds is also used for admitting surgical patients with neuritis and for elective surgical procedures.

The functions of the Surgical Division can be grouped as shown viz.:

I)  Patient care activities.

II)  Teaching and Training Programs.

III)  Research.

Patient Care Activities:

The Surgical Division provides both Out-Patients and In-Patients services for leprosy patients who come from different parts of the country, besides surrounding regions. Treatment in the areas of deformities and deformity prone conditions are extended. Both surgical and non-surgical methods are applied for treating patients so that permanent disabilities and handicaps are prevented.

Physiotherapy Section:

The Physiotherapy Section has continued to play an active and very important role in providing Physiotherapy services to both Out-Patients and In-Patients. Besides patient care activities, the staff of this section has also been involved in the various research projects conducted by the Surgical Division by way of evaluation of deformities, assessment of motor and sensory status and functional assessments. The staff of the section were also involved in the various teaching and training programs conducted by the institute particularly so for the nine months Leprosy Physiotherapy Technicians Course. The staff of Physiotherapy Section were also actively involved in counselling of patients by imparting health education in the care of insensitive hands and feet, an important and decisive factor in the prevention of deformities and disabilities in patients.

The treatment modalities employed are hand and foot exercises, wax therapy, oil massage, short wave diathermy, ultra-sound therapy, transcutaneous nerve stimulation, infra-red treatment, interferential therapy and electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves. Various modalities of treatment given as number of sessions for each, are given below.

Radiography Section:

The X-ray Unit attached to the Surgical Section caters to the needs of all clinical units in the institute. A SIEMEN’S 500 m.A. X-ray machine with micro-processor controls, which can be used besides taking routine X-rays for tomography work is functioning, in addition there is also a Portable X-ray Plant (Siemen’s 30 m.A).

 Micro-Cellular Rubber Mill:     

The Micro-Cellular Rubber Mill is a small production unit manufacturing micro-cellular rubber sheets of the quantity needed for use in the manufacturing of footwear for leprosy patients.

Artificial Limb And Footwear Centre:

The Artificial Limb and Footwear Centre supplies the different items of footwear and prosthesis to Leprosy patients


 Designed a fixed Ankle Brace Walker to suit Hansen’s Patients Disorganised/Plantar Ulcerated Foot.


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