Laboratory division is basically involved in the investigations of cases from out and inpatient departments of CLTRI for leprosy related and other routine investigations and also involved in the basic and applied research activities in leprosy.  This division has sections like Microbiology, Mycobacteriology, Serology, and Clinical pathology, Skin Smear, Histopathology, Molecular-biology Haematology Biochemistry, Immunology and Animal House.

The Lab. Division is well equipped.  Facilities for different kinds of microscopic studies like Light, Dark-field, Phase contrast, Fluorescent microscopies are available.  Facilities for different immunological studies involving immno-flourescence tests, different types of electrophoresis, etc. are available.  Sophisticated instruments like HPLC, Atomic absorption Unit, Ultra centrifuge, Phast gel system etc. are available. Facilities for isolation, characterization and drug sensitivity tests for cultivable Mycobacteria also exist.

The Molecular Biology section of the Division has been upgraded with the basic facilities for the isolation of DNA, PCR amplification and Gel documentation. These facilities are being utilized for various institutional projects and also in the collaborative and Post Graduate Course projects.

A separate Animal House with different animal colonies with provisions for animal experimental investigations including Mouse Foot Pad inoculation for the viability and drug susceptibility tests for M.leprae is also available.  

Laboratory Division is also involved in teaching activities.  One year Medical Laboratory Technician training course and short-term orientation training course in skin smear technique are offered.  In addition to that, the teaching / training in laboratory aspects of leprosy are conducted for Medical Officers, Non Medical Supervisors, District Leprosy Officers, CRRI trainees, etc. 

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