Clinical Division comprises of OPD, Nursing Section, Sanitary Section and Central Kitchen.  About 275-300 patients in the sanatorium are under the care of Clinical Division.  Total sanctioned bed strength of the Clinical Division is 124.  These are distributed to five wards, namely, Investigation Ward, Surgical Ward, Main Hospital, sick Room and Women Hospital.  The Investigation Ward has 24 beds and it is mainly used for specialized management of lepra-reaction, investigation for relapses / drug resistance and for other general medical conditions of acute and chronic nature. 

Activities undertaken in the Clinical Division are:-


·       Out patient care – General / MDT
·       In-patient treatment – General / MDT
       Expert management of reactions, relapse / drug resistance etc.
·       Teaching activities in leprosy
·       Research studies in clinical leprosy
·       Collaborative research projects with other divisions.

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